for Makers.

Virtual mentoring and support
for creators, builders and makers.

Maketh is being made by Shawn & Nina Roos in Cape Town with friends.

Be the mentor you wish you had.

Our vision for Maketh is to make virtual mentoring freely accessible to a new generation of talented and ambitious Makers. To do that we need mentors. That's where you come in.

Meaningful Mentoring.

When done right mentoring benefits all parties involved. Maketh will design the Mentor Experience to be a rewarding one, connecting Mentors with like-minded Makers, eager to learn about the subjects you're most passionate about. It’s important for you to know up front that we’re building this as much for you as we are for Makers.

You do the mentoring. We do everything else.

We will handle scheduling, communication, software costs and screening/vetting of mentees. We do everything except the hardest part – you know, the mentoring.

If you can make a call, you can mentor.

With everything planned and arranged for you, mentoring with Maketh will be hopping on scheduled calls directly from your calendar. If you can do that, you can start mentoring with Maketh.

Small commitments make a big difference.

Come and go as you please. Pause and pick up again. The programme will be designed to ensure flexibility that adapts to your schedule and the seasonality of your industry.

Mentors wanted.

If you're interested in mentoring young ambitious makers, drop a message and we'll reach out with next steps.

Makers move the world forward.

Makers. A Definition.

The term Makers refers to a broad range of disciplines and industries. Makers are those who value the act and art of making; people as passionate about their craft as they are their careers:

DevelopersDesignersArt Directors

Makers are isolated from growth opportunities

Training in the workplace for Makers tends to focussed purely on skills development. That's not just a pity, it's wrong. No wonder so many Makers struggle to progress their careers beyond their craft.

Despite overwhelming support for mentorship, our research has demonstrated that mentoring scarcely ever happens in Maker led industries. We're here to change that.

Free mentoring from industry leaders with Maketh.

Maketh will offer mentoring for Makers by industry leaders. If accepted, you'll have access to accomplished experienced mentors from a variety of industries. And you wont pay a dime for it.

Applications opening soon.

We're still building our team of mentors currently but if you'd like to be informed when we're ready for applications. Sign up!

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